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Capitol Day is this Tuesday at Noon …

((If we cancel due to weather we will publish a notice on Monday evening…))


Oklahoma State Capitol

NE 23rd and Lincoln Boulevard

1st Floor Rotunda


Opening Remarks – Steve Dickson, STOP organizer and volunteer

Introductions –        former State Rep. Charles Key, STOP organizer and volunteer

Legislators –            Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon (confirmed)

                                State Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman (invited)

                                State Representative Lewis Moore (confirmed)

                                State Senator Nathan Dahm (confirmed)

                                Closing Remarks – Bob Donohoo, STOP Statewide Coordinator


Stop Obamacare Penalties Now was conceived as a multi-phase project. The first phase has been a great success. It consisted of twelve rallies in cities across Oklahoma, organized by local volunteers, with invited legislative and governmental speakers and a closing speaker to address future action. Hundreds of rally participants were invited by thousands of emails and tens of thousands of phone calls. An already vibrant network of activists has been united and expanded in common cause – counteracting the penalties contained within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. You might know the PPACA as Obamacare.


Tens of thousands of people across Oklahoma have only just begun to feel the impact of this law. Insurance has been canceled in many cases, while coverage, rates and deductibles have skyrocketed in others. More is to come – starting with tax penalties for individual and corporate non-compliance. While the first year penalties are low, they increase dramatically from here. For reference (from the National Federation of Independent Business):


Individual non-compliance penalties (whichever is greater):

2014 – $95 or 1% of income above tax filing threshold

2015 – $325 or 2% of income above tax filing threshold

2016 – $695 or 2.5% of income above tax filing threshold


Family non-compliance penalties (whichever is greater):

                2014 – $285 or 1% of income above tax filing threshold

                2015 – $975 or 2% of income above tax filing threshold

                2016 – $2085 or 2.5% of income above tax filing threshold


As the above number illustrate, an enormous financial burden will be imposed on the people of Oklahoma – with the impact on those who can least afford it particularly galling.


The entire Congressional delegation voted against this legislation on initial passage. The entire state – via State Question 756, the Oklahoma Health Care Freedom Amendment – voted against this legislation. Despite these actions, implementation looms. Fortunately, there ARE things that can be done.


Numerous bills have been filed in the State Legislature to fight this battle. The second phase of this project is about to begin. Legislation will be tracked, and the public notified of votes and the lack of votes for pertinent bills. As the House and Senate act, eyes will be watching the process and voices will be raised, hopefully praising a concerted effort to use the authority of the State of Oklahoma to intercede between federal tyranny and individual freedom. Both positive and negative actions by individual Representatives and Senators will be widely reported.


To begin this next (but not final) phase of action, the public is invited to come to the state Capitol on Tuesday, February 4th. Several speakers will address the crowd, after which the public is encouraged to seek out their legislators and discuss these matters. Volunteers will be available to help those who attend. 


Thank you,


The STOP Team

City Rally dates are set …!

The rally dates are set. Please pass along this information to help build attendance:

(Advertising, speakers, legislators …. it’s all coming together.)

Altus               1/18/14

Ardmore         1/25/14
Bartlesville     1/11/14
Enid                1/11/14
Guthrie          1/18/14
Hugo              1/25/14
McAlester      1/18/14
Norman          1/18/14
Sapulpa          1/13/14
Tahlequah      2/01/14
Woodward     1/11/14
Yukon             1/18/14

Rallies are coming together …

As of today 5 of the 12 cities have confirmed rally sites and times with the balance being worked on.

The 5 cities are: Ardmore, Bartlesville, Guthrie, McAlester, and Yukon.

Legislators are beginning to accept invitations from some of the early requests. Donations for advertising are coming in and speakers are getting lined up. T-shirts and buttons are on order.

Guthrie is the farthest along in preparation with others close behind … !


Stop Obamacare Penalties Now! Launches New Site and Campaign

Stop Obamacare Penalties Now! launches a brand new website and campaign to fight the monsterous encroachment on our liberties by the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. This website and facebook page will be your resource for the latest information on the fight against Obamacare in Oklahoma. Look out for information regarding Stop Obamacare events in your area coming soon to our calendar of events page and sign up for our email newsletters in the left column to make sure you don’t miss a thing! You can also donate to the cause via our donate button also in the left column. Thanks for your support and we look forward to fighting this battle with you!

Best Regards,
        The Stop Obamacare Team